Green Power Juicer Model KEP 1304 Review

Green Power Juicer Model KEP 1304what does the Green Power Juicer look like


The Green Power Juicer, previous called the Samson Ultra, is a multi-purpose appliance that can be used to grind fruits, vegetables, and various grains to make a variety juices and pastas. It can also grind coffee, process food, and make sorbet, smoothies, soy milk, and nut butter. If you are looking for an appliance that can fit more of your needs – eight, to be exact – than just juicing, look no further. The Green Power is here!


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Twin Magnetic Gears

Green Power Juicer - Model KPE 1304 twin gears how they work to get maximum efficiency What truly set the Green Power apart from all other leading juicers are the triturating twin magnetic gears with recessed cutting, which means that instead of chopping produce, the gears rub and crush the food into tiny particles. The lack of chopping results in less oxidation and leads to finely chopped produce with the nutritious enzymes intact. Less oxidation also means the juice can be stored for up to seventy-two hours – great news for the busy folks who don’t want to go through the entire juicing process every morning!

The gears rotate inwards towards each other at 160RPM and thoroughly crush everything fed into the chute, producing bone-dry pulp and a higher yield of juice than other leading juicers. The only small disadvantage to these tiny gears is that while they are extremely efficient at extracting nutrients from leafy vegetables, they struggle a little more with hard, fibrous vegetables such as carrots. While not impossible or even difficult to juice harder vegetables, let it be known that it will take a little extra upper body strength to push them through the chute. These gears have magnets inside of them that produce a magnetic field that affects the juice during production.

The benefit to these magnets is that they are able to break up the atoms in the juice and maximize the nutrients found in the produce; the magnets also enable the juice to stay fresher for longer periods of time (refrigerated, of course!). This magnetic field preserves the taste and enhances the smell, color, and overall taste of your juice.


Other FeaturesWhat else can the Green Power 1304 do?

If the bio-ceramic twin gears are not impressive enough to you, consider the other features. The juice extractor filters out potential harmful pesticides, the automatic pulp ejection allows you to juice continuously, the automatic motor thermostat has a built in safety setting that automatically shuts the appliance off when overheating and will only begin when the machine has cooled down, and the low volume of the appliance at work allows you to juice whenever you choose. Any blockages can easily be cleared with the reverse action switch.

As the feeding chute is 1.5”, some preparation is needed for juicing certain produce such as apples, larger carrots, and large bits of celery; the prep effort is minimal, however, as they just need to be roughly chopped into smaller pieces so they can fit in the juicer – no finely chopping food into miniscule bits with this juicer. The juicer comes with a magnetic bowl, vegetable screen, crush screen, pulp discharge casing, fruit and vegetable caps, fruit and vegetable pushers, pulp-free juicing screen, cleaning brush, and an owner’s manual and video tape with tips on how to use your new appliance. For additional convenience, the juicer also has a carrying handle and comes with a ten-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.



The Green Power Juicer is 12” high, 7.5” wide, 16” inches long, and weighs 13.7 pounds. It has a highly streamlined design that allows so many functions available to such a small machine and can easily sit on your countertop for multiple uses throughout the day. It has not been specified whether this juicer is dishwasher safe or not, so it would be wise to err on the side of caution and hand wash it when you through. Sound like a drag? Fear not! The juicer easily disassembles into four smaller pieces and cleanup shouldn’t take longer than five minutes, especially if you are using the cleaning brush included.


This is an absolutely stunning, fully functional machine and is used by many serious juicers. While it is a bit more difficult to learn how to use than other juicers, the time spent learning your machine is well worth it. The juice produced by the Green Power Juicer is unmatched and you will certainly see changes in your body soon after starting your juicing journey.