Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS Review Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS review

Looking for a new juicer to incorporate a greater amount of fruits and vegetables to your diet? The Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS is an unbeatable appliance that can fit all your needs. With the ability to juice almost everything placed in it – including wheat-grass – this juicer can also make smoothies, nut butter, baby food, and even nut milk. It is certainly the first of its kind and a unique addition to the juicing market!


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Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS is one of the best masticating juicers on the market.This Omega’s motor runs at a mere 43RPM – that’s half the speed of the “slow” juicers already out there! If you think the 80RPM juicers produce smooth and healthy juice, you haven’t seen anything yet. Even slower than the leading juicers, the Omega squeezes the produce gently enough to keep the healthy enzymes intact. The motor moves in a masticating motion (think chewing your food) to slowly and completely extract all nutrients. One of the best aspects of the slow motor, however, is the delay of oxidation (which leads to the better shelf life). Oxidation is the process that occurs when you break down the cell walls of produce and expose it to oxygen – think of an apple turning brown after its cut. By delaying the oxidation process, you also increase the shelf life of your juice. You no longer have to drink your juice immediately! Feel free to let it chill in the refrigerator: this juicer makes juice that will stay fresh up to seventy-two hours after production.

Additionally, the Omega has a dual-edged auger that fits tighter than the leading juicer augers and it allows the machine to strain more juice while breaking the plant fiber down as much as possible. The automatic pulp ejector lets you juice continuously – no more stopping every twenty seconds to unclog your machine. The Omega runs as sleekly as it looks.


Prep and Clean-up

Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS reviewWhile making your own fresh juice sounds like a fantastic idea, prepping and cleaning up are a drag. It’s just easier to drink already-made juice from a carton, right? Wrong. The feeding chute is 1.62” by 1.25” inches, allowing you to put sizeable chunks of product through it. There is no need to finely chop every carrot and shred every piece of spinach before putting it in the chute – roughly chop your produce, toss it in, and watch to ensure it does not clog.

Perhaps the best feature of the Vertical Juicing System, however, is the auto-cleaning system. While the juicer is in motion, the auto-cleaning system clears the screen to allow continuous juicing. This minimizes juicing time (and effort!) and you do not need to go through the additional steps of separating the parts and cleaning the screen yourself. For final clean-up, the juicer easily disassembles into four parts that you can soak in hot water and hand wash or simply place on the top rack of your dishwasher. These steps are convenient enough to make you think twice about reaching for a carton of juice loaded with sugar instead of making your own fresh, healthy juice.



At 15.5” tall, 7.75” deep and 8.06” wide, the Omega is a small enough appliance to sit on your counter at all times. No more lugging a heavy blender from the bottom cabinet and hurting your back! While the juicer weighs a respectable twenty pounds, it is more tall than wide and can be tucked into a convenient counter corner. The product comes with the base, an upgraded dual stage juicing screen, bowl with an attached extraction plug, a GE Twin Wing Ultem Auger, a self-cleaning screen holder, two thirty-two ounce juicing cups, a tamper, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, as well as a fifteen-year manufacturer’s warranty.


While the general rule of thumb for purchasing a juicer is to find one that best fits your financial and individual needs, we can safely say that this is a number one pick for many juicing fans. It is priced squarely in the average mark of the high-quality juicers, has unbeatable features (did I mention the auto-clean?), and is aesthetically pleasing. If there are any drawbacks to this stellar product, I, along with Amazon reviewers, have yet to find them.

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